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Whiteness is Capitalism Square Stickers, Indoor\Outdoor

Whiteness is Capitalism Square Stickers, Indoor\Outdoor

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Post this as a billboard to help subvert the woke left's language. When people ask you what it means, explain that when people use the term "whiteness" or "white supremacy", they are not talking about skin color. Whiteness means who owns private property, is a CEO, is a landlord. It means capitalism. Remember, the woke left's greatest enemy is not people with white skin - it's the economic system our society runs on. That is what they are trying to destabilize because they can't have their Marxist revolution without destabilizing the current system. 


If you're looking for blank white stickers to sell online or to customize your surroundings with - we got you covered. These stickers come in a square shape, are water and scratch-resistant as well as coated with a protective laminate. This means that they look great come sun, rain, or snow and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

.: Material: Premium Vinyl
.: One sticker per pack
.: Water and scratch resistant
.: Coated with protective laminate

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