Just Added To The Shop


A new collection inspired by zine propaganda we're creating for unwokeunderground.com

The Four Goals of the Woke Left

One of the most requested designs, generously provided by BOT, the Cult's Chief Investigitative Officer.

It's All Around You (Artisan Series)

This whimsical design is meant to get people to ask questions, illustrating that socialism is happening all around us, right now. Some items have a second design on the back that explains and offers a warning to anyone behind you who might be open to learning.

Part of the Artisan Series in the Unwoke Art store.

The Dystopian Collection

A new interpretation of movie posters based on our favorite dystopian tales that may resemble reality more than we ever dare admit.

They Live

A take on a They Live movie poster, reminding you what their real goal is.

Fahrenheit 451

A take on a Fahrenheit 451 movie poster, reminding you that they need you to forget everything you know is true to usher in their utopia. 


It's here, a take on a 1984 movie poster.

A Clockwork Orange

This is a take on A Clockwork Orange movie poster, except the protagonist is forced to see (or notice) all of the evils that have been covered up in the world, and is forever changed.

Animal Farm

A take on an Animal Farm movie poster, reminding everyone of the realities of communism.

Socialists Are Gay

Stating the obvious, in a design that isn't meant to be taken too seriously.

Real Marxism

Remind people that real Marxism has indeed been tried.

Alice In Wonderland Signature Series

Inspired by Alice In Wonderland, we go down the rabbit home and face the insanity of the world right in the eye.

Don't flinch. Let them know you're done messing around.

We're All Mad Here

Remember, in a world of insane people, the same people look mad. Embrace the madness. Part of the Unwoke Art Signature Collection.

Be Different

Be mischievous. Be sarcastic. Be ungovernable. Be authentic. Be an outsider. Be threatened by no one. Be different. Part of the Signature Series inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Be Bourgeois

Embrace capitalism with a dry sense of humor.

Follow The White Rabbit

Take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole. But be prepared for how deep it might take you.